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Omar Epps

Omar Epps is one of today´s hottest talents starring in four films in 1999.

This summer, Epps starred in both Paramount/MTV´s The Wood and Miramax´s In Too Deep and co-starred in Breakfast of Champions, opposite Bruce Willis, Nick Nolte, Albert Finney and Barbara Hershey. Epps is also shopping a script he co-wrote entitled Who Stole the Soul. Other recent credits include his starring rile in MGM´s The Mod Squad, where he played the role of Linc opposite Claire Danes´ Julie.

Omar recently completed production on New Line Cinema´s Love and Basketball. Directed by Gina Prince-Bythe Wood and Produced by Spike Lee, the film revolves around NBA-bound boy´s childhood and love of basketball.

Last fall, Omar starred in the HBO Original First Time Felon, directed by Charles "Roc" Dutton. Based on a true story, Omar plays Greg Yance, a street-wise drug dealer and gang member in Chicago. Following his conviction, Yance is given the choice to remain in prison or finish his time in boot camp. Choosing boot camp, he quickly realizes that his sense of courage and desire to succeed will allow him to triumph.

Epps also portrayed Dr. Dennis Gant on the Emmy Award-winning NBC drama E.R. As a surgical resident, he teamed up with Dr. Carter (Noah Wylie) and Dr. Benton (Eriq LaSalle). In one of the most talked about departures, Omar left audiences wondering if he committed suicide or not.

Deadly Voyage, a true story produced by Danny Glover, premiered on HBO to highly acclaimed reviews. Epps stars in the film as Kingsley Ofusu, the sole survivor of a group of nine African stowaways who fled Ghana on a Ukraine cargo ship. John J. O´Connor of The New York Times noted that Epps "played superbly" in the lead role as Ofusu, whom he was honored to meet prior filming.

No stranger to the big screen, Epps is also noted for his lead roles in feature films such as John Singleton´s Higher Learning, Juice and Daybreak. In his supporting roles, he has starred opposite Charlie Sheen in Major League 2 and with Craig Sheffer in The Program. Omar was also seen in Hollywood´s best-kept secret, Scream 2.

Epps can be found behind camera as well as in front of it. He has directed music videos for Heather B, Special Ed and his own rap duo WOLFPACK. Epps and his cousin G-Sharp recently recorded an as-of-yet untitled album. In addition, they produced two of the tracks on the album. WOLFPACK describes their music as "Brain food for thought, timeless voices invading people´s subconscious."

A Brooklyn native, Epps received his professional training at the High School of Performing Arts in New York City. He currently resides in New York and Los Angeles.
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