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BROTHER, the new project in which Takeshi Kitano will write, direct and star in, will be the largest film to date in his filmography. An international co-production project between Japan and the United Kingdom, BROTHER will be produced by Masayuki Mori of Office Kitano on one hand from the Japanese side and by Jeremy Thomas of Recorded Picture Company (RPC) on the other from the British side.

Office Kitano will take initiative for the following: completing the screenplay written by Takeshi Kitano; managing Kitano´s schedule; hiring the members of Kitano-Gumi (Kitano´s usual film crew members) as the key crew of the film; hiring the Japanese cast; shooting sequences in Japan. Furthermore, Office Kitano is responsible for investing half of the approximately 10 million U.S. dollar production cost, and in return, owns the distribution rights in Japan and sales rights for South East Asia. RPC will secure location sites for the shooting in Los Angeles; negotiate with guilds and unions in order for Kitano´s Japanese crew to work in the U.S.; hire the American cast; be responsible for investing half of the production cost, and own the sales rights for the rest of the world. While both companies respecting each other´s position, in order to clarify the fact that this project is a joint task undertaken by both companies, a Californian corporation, LITTLE BROTHER, INC. has been established. With this project, Kitano and his team will challenge what has never been attempted in the Japanese cinema industry; to fuse the Hollywood film making method (an unprecedented case for a Japanese film director, the film will be completion bonded) and Kitano´s filmmaking as an auteur.

Shooting will commence in Tokyo on November 21st, and move to Los Angeles in January 2000, where it will continue for a period of seven weeks till the middle of February.

Needless to say, realization of this project will greatly affect Takeshi Kitano´s future film making, and will become a milestone for Japanese cinema in the 21st Century, introducing new possibilities to Japanese film production. BROTHER is scheduled for release in Japan during the 2000/2001 Christmas/New Year season.

We look forward to presenting to you all with the results of this new film making in the turn of the century.
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