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Masayuki Mori
Jeremy Thomas
Masayuki Mori

Born in Totori Prefecture in 1953. After graduating Aoyama Gakuin University in 1976, Mori joins Super Produce INC., a television program production company. Mori directed countless programs, such as "Beat Takeshi no Sports Taisho." In 1988, he became a key member in establishing Office Kitano as director of production division.
1989 VIOLENT COP / dir. Takeshi Kitano(JPN title: Sono Otoko Kyobo Ni Tsuki)
Presented by Bandai Visual and Shochiku Fuji
* Credited as 'Co-producer´
-International Film Festivals: London ´91, Rotterdam ´92 and others.
-Awards: 11th Yokohama Film Festival, Best Director
1990 BOILING POINT / dir. Takeshi Kitano(JPN title: San tai Yon Ekkusu Ju-gatsu) (A.k.a. Jugatsu)
Presented by Bandai Visual and Shochiku Fuji
-International Film Festivals: Vancouver ´91, Rotterdam ´92 and others
-Awards: Torino International Film Festival, Cinema Giovanni Special Mention
1991 A Scene At The Sea / dir. Takeshi Kitano(JPN title: Ano natsu ichiban shizukana umi)
Presented by Totsu and Office Kitano
-International film festivals: Tokyo ´91 (in competition): Rotterdam ´92, Seattle ´92 and others
-Awards: Blue Ribbon (Japan), Best Film 13th Yokohama Film Festival, Best Director
1993 Sonatine /dir. Takeshi Kitano
Presented by Bandai Visual and Shochiku Dai-ichi Kogyo
-International film festivals: Cannes 'Un Certain Regard' '93, London ´93, Rotterdam ´94 and others
-Awards: Taorumina International Film Festival, Callidi D´oro
Cognac International Thriller Film Festival, Critics´ Prize
1995 Getting Any? / dir. Takeshi Kitano(JPN title: Minna Yatteruka!?)
Presented by Office Kitano and Bandai Visual
-International film festivals: London ´94, Rotterdam ´94 and Munich ´94 and others
1996 Kids Return / dir. Takeshi Kitano
Presented by Office Kitano and Bandai Visual
-International film festivals: Cannes'Director´s Fortnight´ '96, Toronto ´96, Vancouver ´96 and others.
1998 HANA-BI (a.k.a Fireworks) / dir. Takeshi Kitano
Presented by Bandai Visual, TV TOKYO, TOKYO FM and Office Kitano
-International film festivals: Venice (In Competition) '97, New York ´97, Pusan ´97
-Awards: Venice Film Festival '97, Golden Lion / European Academy Awards ´97, Best non-European Film
Sao Paulo Film Festival ´97, Critics´ Best Film
Ikinai / dir. Hiroshi Shimizu
Presented by Bandai Visual, TBS, TOKYO FM, Bandai Visual and Office Kitano
-International film festivals:Locarno (In Competition) '98, International Film Festival of INDIA, Hyderabad
-Awards: Locarno Film Festival, Ecumenical Special Mention, Pusan Film Festival, FIPRESCI Award
1999 KIKUJIRO / dir. Takeshi Kitano(JPN title: Kikujiro no Natsu)
Presented by Bandai Visual, TOKYO FM, Nippon Herald and Office Kitano
-International film festivals:Cannes ´99, In competition
 Jeremy Thomas

Cinema has always been a part of Jeremy Thomas´ life. He was born in London into a film-making family, his father, Ralph, and his uncle, Gerald, both directors. His childhood ambition was to work in cinema. As soon as he left school he went to work in minor positions ending up in the cutting rooms and rising through the ranks to become a film editor.

After editing Philippe Mora´s Brother Can You Spare a Dime, he produced his first film Mad Dog Morgan in 1974 in Australia. He then returned to England to produce Jerzy Skolimowski´s The Shout which won the Grand Prix de Jury at the Cannes Film Festival.

Thomas´ films are all highly individual and his independence of spirit has paid off both artistically and commercially. His extensive output includes three films directed by Nicolas Roeg: Bad Timing, Eureka and Insignificance; Julien Temple´s The Great Rock´n´Roll Swindle; Nagisa Oshima´s Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence; and The Hit directed by Stephen Frears.

In 1986 he produced Bernardo Bertolucci´s epic, The Last Emperor, an independently-financed project which was three years in the making. A commercial and critical triumph, the film swept the board at the 1987 Academy Awards, garnering an outstanding nine Oscars including 'Best Picture´.

Since The Last Emperor, Thomas has completed many films including Karel Reisz´s Everybody Wins, Bertolucci´s The Sheltering Sky, Little Buddha. And Stealing Beauty, David Cronenberg´s Naked Lunch and was executive producer on Crash.. In 1997 he directed All The Little Animals, starring John Hurt, Christian Bale and Daniel Benzali which was In the official selection at the Cannes Film Festival.
He was Chairman of the British Film Institute from August 1992 until December 1997 and has been the recipient of many awards throughout the world, Including the Michael Balcon British Academy Lifetime Achievement Award. He served on the jury at the Cannes Film Festival In 1987 and was President of jury at the Berlin Film Festival in 1993 and also the San Sebastian and Tokyo Film Festival in 1998.

1999 SEXY BEAST Jonathan Glazer
GOHATTO (Exec. Producer) Nagisa Oshima
THE CUP (Exec. Producer) Khyentse Norbu
THE BRAVE (Exec. Producer) Johnny Depp
VICTORY (Exec. Producer Mark Peploe
1996 BLOOD AND WINE Bob Rafelson
THE OGRE (Exec. Producer) Volker Schlondorff
1995 CRASH(Exec. Producer) David Cronenberg
STEALING BEAUTY Bernardo Bertolucci
1993 LITTLE BUDDHA Bernardo Bertolucci
1992 NAKED LUNCH David Cronenberg
1991 THE SHELTERING SKY Bernardo Bertolucci
LET HIM HAVE IT(Exec. Producer) Peter Medak
1990 EVERYBODY WINS Karel Reisz
1987 THE LAST EMPEROR Bernardo Bertolucci
1985 INSIGNIFICANCE Nicolas Roeg
1983 THE HIT Stephen Frears
1980 EUREKA Nicolas Roeg
1979 THE KID´S ARE ALRIGHT (Special Consultant) Jeff Stein
1978 THE GREAT ROCK´N´ROLL SWINDLE(Exec. Producer) Julien Temple
1977 THE SHOUT Jerzy Skolimowski
1976 MAD DOG MORGAN Philippe Mora
1974 BROTHER CAN YOU SPARE ME A DIME(Editor) Philippe Mora
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