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Yamamoto (Beat Takeshi) is now a lone yakuza officer. Defeated in a war with a rival family, his boss killed, and most entrusted 'brother' (yakuza associate) abandoning him, only the whereabouts of his younger brother, Ken (Claude MAKI), who disappeared after leaving Japan to study in LA, matter to him at all. Yamamoto´s search for Ken in L.A. begins...

On the day Yamamoto arrives in L.A., he is confronted by an African-American named Denny (Omar Epps). Denny tries to rip Yamamoto off as they pass by each another on a street, but is left having his one of his eye's injured by Yamamoto's swift move. Irritated from the fact that his younger brother cannot be found, and wandering into a foreign culture where he does not speak the language, the act may have been triggered by no other than Yamamoto´s acute instinct of self-defense.

Following some clues, Yamamoto finally tracks Ken down. The younger brother had fallen into a drug pusher. He also discovers that Denny, the very man who Yamamoto wounded, and Ken, are friends. With Yamamoto appearing suddenly and staying at Ken´s apartment, a strange communal life begins, through which a tight friendship begins to grow between the two.

As time passes, Yamamoto and his gang emerge as a powerful force, gradually expanding their turf to an extent that they must confront the Mafia. The Mafia´s attacks are ruthless, and soon Yamamoto and his gang are driven into a disastrous situation of no return...

BROTHER will depict; the surge of violence that has become Kitano´s trademark; the friendship between a Japanese yakuza, Los Angeles based African American and Hispanic minorities; the humor that enfolds between the different cultures.

BROTHER will be a full-scale action picture with Kitano´s distinctive artistic style and cinematic imagery at full force...
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